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Gunes - Yazicioglu Law And Consultation Firm; was founded upon Ali Yazicioglu who was the first lawyer at Malatya / Darende at 1920’s. The surname of family comes from that historical reality.


Next generation of Yazicioglu family moved to capital city Ankara and also new generation founded Yazicioglu Law Firm at 2002.


Today we service Advocacy and Legal Consultancy; to National and international companies, organizations and individuals in our area of expertises.


With our business and solution partners, university faculty members, experts in the field of technical consultants and experienced lawyers; we take responsibility of litigation and advocacy in the  areas of expertise which are Company Law, Commercial Law, Business Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Expropriation Law, Administrative Law, Real Estate Law, Energy Law and Contract Law.


Also within the scope of our areas of expertise, we offer; oral or written legal opinions, legal questions to be answered, examination or preparation of contracts which our clients are part, under the name of legal services and Consultancy, for domestic and foreign companies and Institutions.


We are boutique law firm which’s principle is providing creative and solution-oriented services in the academic discipline.



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